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A small insight to us a brand, how we work and what we do.

We are elastico, we are an online publication that encapsulates the world of Association Football culture. ‘Association football’ refers to the English game of football (soccer) by definition, separating it from other global forms of football such as American football. ‘Association football culture’ is commonly known as the cultural attributes that have developed around the game of soccer, such as fashion, art, design and the development of subcultures like the Casuals.

We aim to bring to you association football culture in a smooth easy to use platform that highlights the cultural and aesthetic bond between football and design. We are big on; graphics, illustration, fashion, boots, kits, skills, goals, fandom and nostalgia, we display to you the visual side of the beautiful game.

The project started out at university as an idea to combat the limited amount of direct sources available within the field football and design. Both Myself (Toby Knight) and Karim Isaac-Shah wrote our dissertations around the theme of association football culture. When writing, we realised that our research was taken from a vast range of sources, making it harder to access articles that formulate around the topic of football and design. This prompted the start of elasticomag.co.uk.

The brand name ‘elastico’ takes inspiration from the energetic and aesthetic nature of the skill move. The fact that the performance of an ‘elastico’ is pleasing on the eye, relates to the aesthetic appreciation we get when viewing both football and design. The kinetic nature of the identity means the word mark and logo can transition inwards and outwards, between one and other, through a similar movement to the skill move itself. This is demonstrated through the animations shown above.

Looking back at football design history, there is a huge element of nostalgia, wether it be glancing back at your first ever football kit or turning the page of an old programme reminiscing that fa cup final win, designs within football hold a memory with most people. This nostalgic element is brought to the brand through its brazlian routes.

‘The Perfector’ - Rivellino

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